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From Joanne, ob/gyn - 08/15/08 Click here to reply  
Im looking for an OB/GYN office that needs an experienced Phone triage nurse in Alpharetta or Roswwell, Ga. I have many years of experince and I m very good. Joanne from Alpharetta
Reply from Huey Gerald, HGA Resources, LLC - 06/30/09 

From muna, Amana Institute - 08/13/08 Click here to reply  
I like to study via online individual courses regarding teaching skills that help me to teach nursing students effectively. would any body help.

From Mary Ellen, Nursing - 07/11/08 Click here to reply  
I am going for an interview for a Telephone Triage Nursing position. I have passed the online computer skills test & over the phone interview. Would anyone out there know the type of questions I may be asked
Reply from Kim, none - 04/10/09 

From Gwen, NHS 24 - 07/10/08 Click here to reply  
I am a Consultant Nurse, Child Protection working for NHS 24. My organisation provides a telephone service for the population of Scotland. Essentially this is an out of hours service and patients are provided with advice or referred to the most appropriate facility. Part of my role is to ensure that when nurses are dealing with calls that may have a child protection element, either as a direct action against the child or that the child is at risk as a result of parental behaviors that our staff can deal with the situation appropriately. I would be most interested to discover how other organisations using nurse triage look at this issue in terms of process and training. Presently I am undertaking a training needs analysis and it would be interesting to reflect on how other organisations manage child protection in a tele-health setting.

From JOAN, RN - 07/09/08 Click here to reply  

From Jamie, RN, Case Manager - 07/08/08 Click here to reply  
I am looking for a work from home nursing jobs, I live in KY and would love any information. Thanks!

From Sarah, None - 06/21/08 Click here to reply  
Hello, I am helping my mom look for a job as a telephonic nurse. She is an RN with a BSN in the suburbs of Chicago Illinois. She has been working for over 40 yrs as an RN and would like to work from home. Please email me at smanong@hotmail.com with any information. Thanks!
Reply from Kim, none - 04/10/09 

From Cari, Car-ing in Tucson, Az. - 06/14/08 Click here to reply  
Manager of Assisted Living Homes with 15 years experience seeking to temporarly fill in for other Managers that would like time off for vacations, medical leave, or whatever. Experience includes hospice, communication with Drs, Nurses and Family, Careplans, medication preparation, menus, fire safety, admininstration, compliance with the Arizona Department Of Health Services on an annual basis or in the event of a a complaint. I have all mandatory certifications as well as an excellent source of references. I am also willing to service the Green Valley area and travel as far as Phoenix. For information please e-mail Ferguson_Cari@yahoo.com.

From Joyce, Tennessee - 06/12/08 Click here to reply  
LPN seeking telephonic nursing position for insurance company. Available Monday-Friday with a lot of flexibility with personal schedule.

From Rose, Talk of The Town Answering - 06/11/08 Click here to reply  
Need a room? I live in Las Vegas near St. Rose Hospital and I'm looking to share a room, beautiful clean home with two great dogs' who do not ge on the furniture. I don't smoke have a glass of wine in the evenings and I'm a laid back lady. Call me if interested. 702 658-9600 e-mail rosem.jones@embarqmail.com

From Doris, self - 06/06/08 Click here to reply  
I am a legal nurse consultant with minimal experience and for the last two years have worked for a litigation company reviewing/analyzing medical records and applying that in data entry. Recently layed off and looking for a position working from home part time or prn [remotely]. I live in the Northeast Ohio area.

From Haley, None - 06/03/08 Click here to reply  
Hi, I am an BSN RN in Georgia seeking a work-at-home/telecommuting job. I am currently licensed in GA and TN but would be willing to pursue licensure in other states if needed. I have three very active children and need a flexible schedule in order to keep up with them. I have 14 years nursing experience in a variety of areas including but not limited to critical care, med-surg, home health, infusion therapy, oncology, hospice, chemotherapy, insurance, quality, utilization review, case managment, risk managment, peer review, etc.... I am very well rounded in computer skills, phone, and researching on the internet. I have never done home based telephone triage but have done years of telephone triage on the job (home health, hospice, oncology, etc...) I am also well versed in nursing/physician standards of care and federal/state (GA,TN) regulatory standards. I excel in reviewing charts, picking them apart and then summarizing/outling them with emphasis on "areas of interest" and pertinent information related to the purpose of the review. I am highly self motivated and organized (except maybe not so much with house cleaning::)) I would love to hear of some leads, opportunities or from other MOM nurses who have the same home based/flexible job desire as I do. I can be reached at chthomas@nexband.com or 423-421-2295. Thank you in advance for information, Haley
Reply from Huey Gerald, HGA Resources, LLC - 06/30/09 

From jeanne, cancer center - 06/03/08 Click here to reply  
6/5/08-i have 30 yrs experience in various aspects of oncology nursing. I am interested in working weekends from home doing eHealth or telephone nursing in greater NYC region. I have 5-6 yrs of phone triage experience. Additionally, I am interested in communicating with other RNs who have similar triage experience and its evolution and benefits to gather data for a research paper I have for school thanks

From Kathy, Occupational Health & Wellness - 05/30/08 Click here to reply  
I am an LVN in Texas who is looking to work from home doing telephone/computer work. I have rheumatoid arthritis and patient care is becoming increasingly difficult for me. I have 24 years of experience in a multitude of areas (LTC, pediatric, adult, occupational health). I am currently working with a large pediatric hospital in Occupational Health. I have extensive computer skills and customer service skills. Please contact me at kgause64@yahoo.com

From Kim, Med-Surg RN - 05/30/08 Click here to reply  
I was wondering if anyone had any ideas or links for finding a telephone triage job in the Florida area. I've been a RN for 7 years, have 1 year experience in pediatric office and the rest doing Med-Surg in hospitals in FL and NY. Thank you, kdindn@live.com