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From stephen, unemployed - 05/16/08 Click here to reply  
I am a registered nurse with Diploma in community health nursing. i have had 5 years experience. i have experience in the folowing fields in nursing namely; Maternity,surgical,paediatric,theatre,community health,psychiatry, operating Automated peritoneal dialysis machine. During march this year i got a job with a Maternity nursing home but i was stopped after 2 weeks because Women refused to be delivered by a male nurse. I have applied in so many places but no replies. am thinking of changing my career please help.my email address is karauste@yahoo.com from Kenya.
Reply from Catherine, Eagle Springs - 06/17/08 
Reply from Karen, LPN - 05/20/08 

From Lin, DRMC - 05/16/08 Click here to reply  
I am an RN. 6 years experience> med-surg, pediatrics, telemetry, ob-gyn. I would love to do some telephone nursing! I actually did a nurse triage line when I worked on a pediatric unit. People called in and asked medical questions and we advised them based on their answers and what the computer program suggested. I would love to do something like that. That position was included with my pediatric position. So you did both. Please contact me if you can give me some suggestions. I live in NC.
Reply from Bethany, Self - 05/19/08 

From Stacey, RN - 05/13/08 Click here to reply  
I had been an LPN for 12 years then went on to become an RN in 2006. All of my experience is in LTC. I worked my way up the ladder from floor nurse to ADON for 3 years and DON for 7 months. I am looking to do something from home or travel but every where that I apply requires 1 year hospital experience. I am frustrated because LTC work crosses alot areas. Can anyone help me. I am in Illinois
Reply from Catherine, Eagle Springs Programs - 06/17/08 
Reply from Kathy, Work from home - 05/14/08 

From Ann, Home - 05/06/08 Click here to reply  
I am an RN with 25 plus years in Med/Surg Behaviorial Health. Due to my back and knees I can no longer lift. Therefore after 30 resumes and multiple interviews I am no longer employable ANYWHERE. I do not have my bachelorates so I cannot teach. I would do any job part time, weekends holidays that did not have a requirement of lifting. Contact me if you have any ideas. I live in CT (aplefka@sbcglobal.net)
Reply from Kathy, Work from home - 05/14/08 
Reply from norma, Regional Home Care - 05/12/08 
Reply from Bethany, N/A - 05/08/08 

From christine Delks, RN nursing student - 05/03/08 Click here to reply  
I need a tutor to help me learn how to write care plans and nursing DX. If any of you out there read this note and have the time or know someone who would like to tutor a nursing student, please email me. Let me know how much you charge.
Reply from Bethany, N/A - 05/08/08 

From Elizabeth, Graduate Student - 05/02/08 Click here to reply  
I am doing a study of registered nurses perceptions of factors that influence how patients with psychiatric illness are treated in the Emergency Department and I need to interview 10 nurses via the telephone. I would like to advertise for volunteers to participate in my research study through All Nurses.Com. The interview will take one hour. The criteria is that the nurses have either an associate degree, bachelors or advanced degree and 2 years experience working in the emergency department.I am a student at the American School of Professional Psychology at Argosy University. You can contact me via email at elizabethnyang@hotmail.com.
Reply from mini, nursing college - 02/15/10 

From Stacey, Self - 04/26/08 Click here to reply  
I am a RN with 12 years experience in critical care and med surg. Mostly ICU and CCU. I have also worked as a travel nurse for 3 years. I would like to do something from home--maybe telephone triage or something to keep me feeding my dog. I have a license in CA, MO, AL, NY, PA, MA and NV. Anyone need a very experience RN to telephone triage please let me know.
Reply from DM, Humana.com - 12/12/08 
Reply from Kathy, Health and Wellness - 05/14/08 
Reply from Bethany, N/A - 05/08/08 

From Bethany, Instructor - 04/23/08 Click here to reply  
I am a nurse with 12 years of nursing experience. I am looking for a telephonic case management, triage or online teaching position. I have experience in OB/Peds/Med/Surg and Community Health. I also have extensive experience in case management, teaching, and writing CEUs for nurses. I have a BSN and am currently pursuing a MSN.
Reply from DM, Humana.com - 12/12/08 

From lala, self - 04/23/08 Click here to reply  
Reply from Bethany, N/A - 05/08/08 

From lola, self - 04/23/08 Click here to reply  
14 years of tele/med-surg experience looking for home based jobs/telephone triage nurse in san diego pls help
Reply from Cindy, Kaiser - 09/10/09 

From Robbin, @tuesday54@hotmail.com - 04/10/08 Click here to reply  
I am an RN, BSN with 15 years of experience. My background is diverse (i.e., home health, hospice, ICU, LTC. Most recently working as a ER/Triage nurse. But I want to do more. I am interested in telehealth and nurse consulting. I am fast learning, multi tasking, dedicated to helping others, I rise to challenge. I am professional as well as personable, a team player who appreciated autonomy.
Reply from Huey Gerald, HGA Resources, LLC - 06/30/09 
Reply from DM, Humana.com - 12/12/08 
Reply from norma, Regional Home Care - 05/12/08 

From Carol, self - 04/08/08 Click here to reply  
I am an RN with 16 years of experience in nursing. I am seeking a position as phone nurse from my home. My background includes Gastroenterology, for which I am certified. I have many years of Hospital experience in Med.Surg and also in Long Term Care with short periods in Office and Home Health Care. Please contact me at carolmiller.rn@comcast.net

From Maureen, self - 04/07/08 Click here to reply  
I am an RN with 27 years experience, looking for a telephonic nurse position, that I could do from home. I most recently headed the QA program at my local hospital; have worked for a Medical Company, Natus, as a Clinical Nurse Educator. I have 20 years of in-hospital experience, working in Maty./Nsy, Med-Surg, Same Day Surgery, Pre-op Testing, PACU. Please contact me at maureenburnett2255@hotmail.com. Resume upon request.

From Elena, emdimmer@lancastergeneral.org - 03/31/08 Click here to reply  
I am looking for any type of nursing related jobs that I could do from home. Have 4+ years working as an RN in the 2nd busiest ER in Pa, including lots of triage/trauma experience. 12 years total in medical field. Want something to supplement my income & willing to work several evenings/nights from my home via phone & computer. Contact Elena at emdimmer@lancastergeneral.org

From sonya, Homecare - 03/31/08 Click here to reply  
I am looking for a work at home position. I am an RN with more than 28 years experience.I live in New Jersey. Please contact me at MKDR50@verizon.net Sonya
Reply from Maureen, MCMG - 04/30/08