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From Beth, Nursing - 11/27/07 Click here to reply  
I am an RN currently licensed in Illinois and have recently become disabled related to a car accident. I am desperate to remain independent. I worked hard for my degree and want to continue to work. I need a job home based preferred. Would enjoy working in telephone triage/nurse call center position from home or other opportunities. Extensive ER, Trauma, Preventative healthcare, developmental and cultural needs, patient safety, disease prevention and transmission, pt advocate; Great team worker; Quality triage skills Charge experience. Excellent verbal and communication skills, strong leadership and decision-making skills. Fast learner and very flexible. I would like to work full time any shift. Please help to place me, or guide me as to where I can go for help. Thank You so much Beth W bunny269@comcast.net
Reply from Kathy, Health and Wellness - 05/15/08 
Reply from Sue, Magellan Health - 02/12/08 
Reply from Jennifer, Jennifer Robbins RN,BSN - 11/29/07 

From Kevin Johnson, DON job - 11/07/07 Click here to reply  
We are currently looking for a Director of Nursing person that has Independent or assisted living experience in the southern ohio region.

From Amy, Independent - 11/06/07 Click here to reply  
RN, BSN with 12 years of nursing experiences including med/surg,orthopedics,home health,and medical chart review. I would be interested in a telephonic triage position or a chart review position from home. I am willing to travel for training but would prefer working from home office which meets HIPPA requirements. Please contact me @ piperhealthconsulting@yahoo.com

From Sharon, 10/29/2007 - 10/29/07 Click here to reply  
I am actively looking for a home-based Advice/Telephone Triage RN position. I am licensed in California and Pennysylvania. I have a diverse nursing background that includes: Med/Surg hospital nursing,Home Health, LTC,Public Health, Advice Nursing, Utilization Review RN (Workers' Compensation), and Disease Management. I am a fast learner, eager for new challenges, and proficient with a computer. Please contact me at sflohaug@cs.com

From Rachel, independent - 10/24/07 Click here to reply  
I am an RN,MS with 42 years nursing experience. My expertise is in diabetes education and disease management. I have 5 years of telephonic diabetes management. I would like to work 16 hours a week either at an agency or from home. I am bilingual/bicultural Spanish-English (fluent in both with same reading and writing skills). My email is Intel_capt@yahoo.com
Reply from Maryann, Wellpoint/Hmc - 02/19/08 

From Michele, RN,BSN - 10/04/07 Click here to reply  
Hi! I am an RN,BSN with 9 years clinical nursing experience. I am looking for a home based position to work nights and/or weekends utilizing my nursing skills. I am flexible. My specialities include Dialysis and Pediatrics. I am located in the Cherry Hill, NJ area. I am not interested in relocating. Please let me know if you have a position so we can further discuss it. Thank You! My email is Michelelynn6@comcast.net

From Jill, Nursefinders - 10/01/07 Click here to reply  
Two Bilingual (spanish speaking) LPNs (24/hr) or RNs (34/hr) needed in the Baltimore area for Telephonic Nursing position. For more details call 866-698-3220
Reply from linda, lindawiley58@yahoo.com - 03/24/08 

From schemingturkey, schemingturkey - 09/29/07 Click here to reply  
hey everyone, i just joined and wanted to say hi. :)

From Alison, RN,18 yrs home health - 09/29/07 Click here to reply  
I am trying to find a work-from-home telehealth position .I live in Maine,but could travel for training,etc. Have lots of assessment,chronic disease experience. Any options for me???
Reply from DM, Humana.com - 12/12/08 
Reply from Kathy, Health and Wellness - 05/15/08 

From kate, rn , 22 years current nurse experience - 09/15/07 Click here to reply  
Nurse w extensive nurse experience, homecare, adult and pediatric experience, working in a large metropolital call center, looking for work in the telephonice nurse field...willing to work days from home...
Reply from Elnora, Registered Nurse - 09/26/07 
Reply from Sylvia, Denny and Denny - 09/16/07 

From Kim, RN and massage therapsit - 09/10/07 Click here to reply  
Hi I am a RN and massage therapist. I have a backround in telephonic nursing health support coach. Looking for a similar position in Cincinnati Ohio that will allow me to work from home. I already do massage therapy from home but love telephonic nursing and would like to find a positon. If anyone knows or is hiring please let me know. I also give a very nice deep tissue massage.
Reply from debbie, abc nursing - 09/12/07 

From Keri RN, GoBevo99@aol.com - 09/09/07 Click here to reply  
Hello! Looking for a nursing job along the lines of Liaison or Utilization Review or Community Outreach. If not a telephonic job then it would have to be around Texarkana, AR or Tyler, TX

From E.G., RN - 09/08/07 Click here to reply  
Bilinqual Registered Nurse looking for telephonic nurse position to do from my home in Oklahoma City. Interested in Russian Speaking Health Nurse Educator /Triage position with any company.I am a Russian native speaker and perfect communicator over the phone. RN with 12 year experience in Med/Surg, Home Health Care and Long Term Care. BLS certified.Experienced working with Geriatric population.Licensure in Oklahoma, Maryland and New Jersey. I am flexible. I am able to work day/evening shift ,and/or weekends, full-time or part time,utilizing my nursing skills. Also interested in research assignments.Please, e-mail me inga2041@yahoo.com

From Dawn, dhgiginsrn@aol.com - 09/08/07 Click here to reply  
nurse woth 25 yrs hospical acute care experience looking for a postition at home due to back problems. ICU,Telemetery,Med/Surg, and some home care experience. located in NJ please Contact me at DhigginsRN@aol.com thank you

From Angie Pajela, BSN-RN - 08/31/07 Click here to reply  
Hello, I'm a nurse (BSN-RN) w/ 19 years experience in various field of nursing. Med-surg, telemetry, OB-GYN, currently has been working in high risk OB,OB-GYN, postpartum, mom/baby, well baby nursery, some pediatric experience. Motivated, easy learner would like to work as telephone triage, medical billing or any type of nursing jobs from home. I am also looking for a consultant who can get me started in nursing home base business. Can anyone help? I live in North Dallas area, FRISCO, TX pls. email me at friscopajela@yahoo.com