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From Angie Pajela, BSN-RN - 08/31/07 Click here to reply  
Hello, I'm a nurse (BSN-RN) w/ 19 years experience in various field of nursing. Med-surg, telemetry, OB-GYN, currently has been working in high risk OB,OB-GYN, postpartum, mom/baby, well baby nursery, some pediatric experience. Motivated, easy learner would like to work as telephone triage, medical billing or any type of nursing jobs from home. I am also looking for a consultant who can get me started in nursing home base business. Can anyone help? I live in North Dallas area, FRISCO, TX pls. email me at friscopajela@yahoo.com

From Bree, Independent contracting - 08/29/07 Click here to reply  
Iam an RN with critical care experience in Phoenix,AZ, looking for a chart audit or review position that would be a work from home position. I am currently working at the bed side ,but I also have business background in health care. If anyone know of a company that is looking for RN's , please Email me at LEGANS2003@yahoo.com.

From Lyn, Phone Triage - 08/29/07 Click here to reply  
Experienced RN with 34 years of experience Occupational Health OSHA auditing and workers compensation looking for triage nnursing position home based. Enjoy tallking to people and problem solving. Any suggestions of companies hiring would be greatly appreciated

From Julie, Hospice phone triage - 08/17/07 Click here to reply  
Experienced RN looking for home-based phone triage in San Diego, CA area. Any information out there would be very helpful, Thanks! email me at: julesb.1@excite.com
Reply from Judith, private - 08/27/07 

From Joan, n/a - 08/12/07 Click here to reply  
Looking for telefonic case management position in Lancaster, Reading, Harrisburg PA area. Presently case manager in hospice. Experience also with long term nursing as supervisor and worked as social worker, ur, and mds at same facility past 7 yrs. Willing to work eve. and weeekends,flexible schedule. Will also consider admissions, worked as liason with families and health care providers in both hospice and LTNF.

From Michele, RN,BSN - 08/05/07 Click here to reply  
Hi! I am an RN,BSN with 9 years clinical nursing experience. I am looking for a home based position to work nights and/or weekends utilizing my nursing skills. I am flexible. My specialities include Dialysis and Pediatrics. I am located in the Cherry Hill, NJ area. I am not interested in relocating. Please let me know if you have a position so we can further discuss it. Thank You!

From Christa, RN - 08/02/07 Click here to reply  
I'm an RN with almost 7yrs experience Med/surg 1.5yrs, Pediatric 5 yrs, Homecare 2 yrs also was an EMT for ambulance for 4yrs and worked in an ER for 2yrs. I live on Long Island, NY and now have 2 boys that I would love to work from home when they go to sleep. If you need a nurse at night please reply to cmcd315@yahoo.com Thank you

From Cindy, RN - 07/31/07 Click here to reply  
I am a seasoned RN interested in position of home based telephone triage, case management and legal case review in Psychiatric Nursing. I am willing to obtain license in other states. Currently in NY and CT. Highly skilled w/ computers. Email me at csherrn@yahoo.com

From Erika, rikkidawn78@yahoo.com - 07/30/07 Click here to reply  
Hello, I am a mother/baby, antepartum and GYN nurse x 6 years and am looking for a telephone triage job working from home. Can do any shift, prefer nights or days over evenings. Please email me or respond to post if you are interested in talking with me. I am located in Illinois but would consider becoming licensed in other states.

From Vortymool, Vortymool - 07/25/07 Click here to reply  
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From Ann, Hospital based call center - 07/23/07 Click here to reply  
As a Director of a nurse triage call center, I am looking for qualified greater than 5 years experienced nurses who would win the highest award for focusing on the needs of their patients. The call center is located in Springfield, Missouri. If you would be willing to relocate and work in house for one year, the potential for triaging from home is great. Pediatric/Med-Surg experience is a plus. The orientation is extensive and "we don't eat our young" , we don't even nibble!
Reply from Susan, nursing - 09/28/07 

From Jane, Hospice - 07/13/07 Click here to reply  
My organization is starting a call center with calls being triaged by non clinical staff prior to going to a nurse. Seems like a big liability to the nurses, who licenses are there at the same time. Any thoughts to those who already have a triage in place.
Reply from Ann, hospital - 07/23/07 
Reply from john, judson - 07/20/07 

From Rebecca, TRS - 07/12/07 Click here to reply  
am looking for a RN/LVN telephonic case manager for the Garden Grove,Ca area if interested please send resumes to rjherrera@trsinc.com pay depends on experience $34 hr
Reply from larry smith, RN - 12/03/07 

From Rebecca, TRS - 07/10/07 Click here to reply  
I am looking for a RN/LVN telephonic case manager for the Woodland Hills,Ca area if interested please send resumes to rjherrera@trsinc.com pay depends on experience 65-75k

From Lori RN, lorimcalister@yahoo.com - 07/03/07 Click here to reply  
Hello. I've worked 2 years in a busy County Hosp. ER (peds and adult areas), 2 years in a refugee camp, 5 years with high risk pregnancies (both in home and in hosp.), 9 years labor and delivery. I have worked as a preceptor (the most requested, so I was told by my supervisor) and loved it due to my natural propensity to teach. I graduated with a 4.0 GPA from LA County USC Med Center School of Nursing. I'm interested in either telephone triage or home care. lorimcalister@yahoo.com
Reply from Ann, hospital - 07/23/07 
Reply from rebecca, total recruiting solutions - 07/10/07