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From Jill, RN 13 years - 11/10/05 Click here to reply  
I am an RN of 13 years, the last 10 in home health and hospice with the last 6 as Nursing Administrator. I will complete my BSN on February 20th, 2006. I am interested in work from home opportunities as a consultant or in clinical record review. I have excellent computer skills and public relations as well as staff retention and patient census growth. In the last 6 years I’ve raised our agencies patient census 85% as well as retaining 98% of my nursing staff. I’m interested in new opportunities while continuing with my current position.
Reply from Bev, RN, Independent Contractor - 04/14/06 
Reply from Robert, Capitol - 02/22/06 

From Susan, R.N. - 11/06/05 Click here to reply  
I am an R.N. with 12 years experience in various areas of nursing including long-term care, home health, physican office, dialysis and currently in-patient rehab at a hospital. I am looking for a telephone triage opportunity to do from home. Part-time would be find, evening or weekends would also be fine. Thank you, Sue

From Lorie, Pediatric RN, Illinois - 10/25/05 Click here to reply  
Hi! I am a pediatric nurse with 16+ years of experience in the acute care setting. I've also cross-trained in PICU, Newborn nursery, and NICU. I also did some chart review for a law office once. I am interested in a telephone triage position or medical chart review job that I could do from home, although I do not wish to start my own business. Is there anything like this out there? I live in Illinois. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks!
Reply from captain Alexander Zamek, Alexander Health Foundation - 10/27/05 

From Christie, Kids First Triage - 10/22/05 Click here to reply  
Hi, Everybody, Take a look at www.KidsFirstTriage.com! This is a new company I have created for the purpose of franchising. I offer nurses a professional, standards based policy manual, computer program for all nurses to utilize, protocol tools, online HIPAA training for new nurses, basically a business in a box!! This concept is what I call an 100% remote call center. Read the website and let me know if anyone is interested. Thanks, Christie
Reply from melissa, iowa - 11/15/06 
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Reply from Kim, Lvn - 07/26/06 

From Lisa, RN, BSN, ljs5883@usadig.com - 10/20/05 Click here to reply  
Help. Currently doing managed care in Montana, companies contract soon to expire. Would like to continue working from home. Please give me your input on your home based jobs, how you got started, time/money invested and if it working.
Reply from captain Alexander Zamek, Alexander Health Foundation - 10/27/05 

From Lettie White, R.N. - 10/15/05 Click here to reply  
Hello My name is Lettie White I have been a nurse for 15 years in several areas from ICU,CCU ER, HOME HEALTH, and Management I am seeking a telephone triage postion from home If You know of any companies that may be hiring please let me know I currently live in MIchigan
Reply from captain Alexander Zamek, Alexander Health Foundation - 10/27/05 
Reply from Brenda, CSMG - 10/20/05 

From Sandra, Mississippi - 10/15/05 Click here to reply  
I am a RN BSN with 10 yrs of experience looking to provide telehealth nursing from my home. My experience includes medical/ surgical acute care, Home IV infusion therapy, Oncology, Hospice, Case Mgt, Home Heath/mgt. Can someone guide me into the right direction.
Reply from captain Alexander Zamek, Alexander Health Foundation - 10/27/05 

From mary, individual - 10/11/05 Click here to reply  
I am an RN with 22 years experience - including several years as lead telephone triage nurse at a large HMO. I have experience in everything from OR to long term care, home health, LOTS of med surg,etc., etc. I am MEGA burned out with pounding the halls & am desperately trying to find something like phone triage, insurance auditing, etc. that I can do from home. I have my home office already set up with separate phone line, computer & fax. I also have LOTS of management experience including work comp.
Reply from captain Alexander Zamek, Alexander Health Foundation - 10/27/05 

From deb, in CA - 10/06/05 Click here to reply  
I'm an LVN with 5 years experience in phone triage. looking for home based position. debbarlow@yahoo.com

From sara, kentucky - 09/30/05 Click here to reply  
Looking to find a work at home job . I am currently a RN and have 12 years nursing experience. Anybody know of any?

From Julie, LPN, macon, georgia - 09/09/05 Click here to reply  
I am interested in a telephone triage position which I can work from home? Georgia area only please!!!
Reply from June, Spaid Nursing Service - 04/14/06 

From Lisa, RN, lamalt@msn.com - 09/01/05 Click here to reply  
I am interested in a home-based telephone triage position. I have 10 years experience in Research, Med Surg, Outpatient Surgery, Urology, and Home Health. I have certificates in Case Management/UR and Quality Management.

From Debbie, Saint Luke's NurseLine - 09/01/05 Click here to reply  
We are beginnng to develop a clinical ladder for resource nurses in our call center. Does anyone have information on career ladder for call center nurses?

From Paula, RN - 08/21/05 Click here to reply  
Hello, I am interested in the telephone nursing also. Can anyone tell me if there is a company in West Virginia? Or how does it work? Thanks Paula
Reply from Jo, Optum NurseLine - 08/30/05 
Reply from Pam, RN - 08/23/05 

From Jennifer, Experienced Registered Nurse - 08/06/05 Click here to reply  
Hi!!!!! My name is Jennifer and I am looking for a home based telephone triage position. I have been a nurse for 5 years, licensed in North Carolina, and have experience in med-surg, pediatrics, emergency room, and home health care services. Anybody with information on how I can pursue this line of work would be greatly appreciated. Email me at graysonp03@earthlink.net