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From Sonya, LVN, Texas - 8/3/2005  Click here to reply - 07/25/05 Click here to reply  
I am looking to work from home as an LVN. Are there positions available for LVNs? I have been a nurse for 10 years. I have experience in pediatrics and geriatrics. I have 3 children, one of which is medically dependent. Please help me with any information that you may have. Please contact me at buzybeezmom@yahoo.com

From fwamba, hospital - 7/25/2005  Click here to reply
am a nursing officer 1 working in a kenyan hospital.am intrested in doing an adaptation course in your organisation.my E-mail address is :lutty1968@yahoo.com.please give me more information about it.

From Christie, PediCall - 7/1/2005  Click here to reply Click here to reply  
Anyone interested in working from home as a Telephone Triage Nurse CAN do it, there are ways!!! I think it is a beautiful idea that can be beneficial for many reasons: 1. Decreased costs working in home: transportation, clothes, food. 2. Improved quality of life is reported for telecommuters. More time with family, greater comfort. 3. Improved productivity. Up to 43% has been reported!! I have been in business for just under 5 years. It HAS been a struggle at times but the benefits have always outweighed the disadvantages. I have started consulting to offer insight into how to make it work!! There are some variables to consider before starting up a service in your area. Email me at christie@pedicall.com.
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From Karen, none - 6/10/2005  Click here to reply
I am an RN currently practicing in Illinois and hold licenses in Michigan, NY and California. I am interested in home-based telehone triage. I have 15 yrs in adult ICU, 10 yrs Ambulatory/Office/telephone triage and 3 yrs as Clinical Director of a staffing company. Any leads would be appreciated. My email is nurssygrl@yahoo.com. Thank you, Karen
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From Peggy, rn - 06/08/05 Click here to reply  
I am looking for a home based telephonic nursing position. I have worked for 7+ yrs as a Med / Surg Registered Nurse and Charge Nurse on a telemetry unit. I also worked for 2 yrs (while employed at the hospital) at a 900 inmate prison. My responsibilities included working the clinic during the day time-and working independently during the night shift. The "off shifts" involved a great deal of telephone triage and standing orders. I am currently licensed in Wisconsin. Any guidance is greatly appreciated. My email is PCharles1679@yahoo.com
Reply from Russel, Responsive Nursing Solut, Inc - 08/31/05 
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From glenn, rn, hospital setting - 05/22/05 Click here to reply  
i am a pediatric er nurse with nearly 6 years of experience in adult and pediatric er settings. i have become increasingly concerned about the lack of a good pediatric telephone triage system in the area where i live. i live in baton rouge, la and there is a very limited telephone triage system. in fact, the system seems to be more geared toward the adult population. i was wondering if anyone out there could give me some pointers on how i could go about starting up my own telephone triage system. it seems that every night i work, i get a parent that is concerned about what to do for there child's illness, but they just were not confident in the advice they received from the current telephone triage system set up at present. i really feel, that to better server our children in our community, we need a telephone triage system dedicated to just pediatrics. if anyone has any ideas on how to go about staarting this up, please let me know. i have no experience at all in the business field, so any and all info would be appreciated.
Reply from Russel, Responsive Nursing Solut, Inc. - 08/02/05 
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From Janice, Peacehealth - 05/17/05 Click here to reply  
Ask-A-Nurse in Eugene Oregon has closed after 17 yrs. We are a group of 13 nurse with telephone triage experience/varied backgrounds. Many with their RNC lic. Please respond if you have any work at home triage jobs. Bustrin5@hotmail.com
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From michael, M_a_homehealth_care - 05/11/05 Click here to reply  
hello to everone in ohio looking for homehealth care in the city of cleveland we are looking 4 u if u need help caring for a loved one call us {216}527-2049 and we will be glade to serve u in any one u need

From Jim, Hospice On Call, Inc. - 04/26/05 Click here to reply  
Hospice On Call is phone triage service that contracts with area hospices to provide after hours phone support. We are looking for experienced phone triage nurses that are interested in working overnight out of their homes. Besides a solid nursing background, we are looking for nurses that are capabale of using Microsoft products including Windows, Word and Excel. Call Jim at (847) 778-3576 or email me at jbastl@hospiceoncall.com for more information.
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From Susan, GYN RN sweitzer@mindspring.com - 04/26/05 Click here to reply  
Hello All! I live in Georgia and I'm looking for a work-at-home telelphone triage position. I have been working as an RN for 7 years. I have med-surge and GYN experience. The 1.5 hour commute I have to work each day is wearing me down. I have missed much of the first year and a half of my young son's life. A home based position would be an answer to my many prayers. Please respond if you know of anyone looking for a hard working, loyal, and independent employee. Thanks in advance for your kind assistance.
Reply from Huey, HGA Resources, LLC - 08/27/09 
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From sharon, Lmac40@comcast.net - 04/24/05 Click here to reply  
I am looking for nursing work from home. I currently work as a pediatric triage nurse about 50 hours per month from home and would like to increase the number of work hours. I am interested in case management, phone triage, reviewing hospital records and etc. Does anyone know of any nursing jobs from home? Thanks

From Paula, Hospice of New York - 04/18/05 Click here to reply  
Hi- just thought I would post to this board that our hospice organization is looking for a RN (BSN) who would like to serve as a patient care coordinator. this is a supervisory position and we love working here. for more info;pprnmba@yahoo.com

From Lisa, RN, lamalt@msn.com - 04/13/05 Click here to reply  
I am interested in a home-based telephone nursing or case manager position. I have certificates in Case Management and Quality Management. I have experience in home health, research, and medical-surgical nursing.
Reply from Renee, RN - 07/29/05 

From MELISSA RN, MLABARGE3@COX.NET - 4/9/2005  Click here to reply - 03/31/05
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From Mary, BSN, Hospital Setting - 3/31/2005  Click here to reply
I am very interested in telephonic nursing particularly home based---anyone with info on how to get started, courses neede/recommended, please let me know.
Reply from Russel, Responsive Nursing Solut, Inc - 08/02/05 

From dee, Hospital setting - 03/31/05 Click here to reply  
Hi everyone, I'm a student doing a project of nursing burnout. I would love to hear from any nursing professional who have experienced burnout on the job. Please elaborate as much as you can and if you can, tell me what can be done to prevent burnout. Any help is greatly appreciated.
Reply from Michelle, DHHS-Indian Health Service - 04/08/05 

From Janet L, Military Treatment Facilty - 03/24/05 Click here to reply  
Can anyone tell me about any courses or seminars for telephone triage. I live in New Jersey and am wiilling to travel out of state if necessary.

From Dianne, Western University Student - 03/22/05 Click here to reply  
Seeking a Med-Surg tutor either a new grad or student who successfully passed med-surg. Tutor must reside in the Los Angeles area. Please email me at digidy15@yahoo.com