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From Dena, Nursing Student - 3/21/2005  Click here to reply< - 03/06/05 Click here to reply  
I am seeking a tutor for the NCLEX with an RN, and Masters in Education. I reside in Chantilly, Va. I am willing to travel to save the few bucks. You can reach me at via cell 571-264-5817. Thanks.
Reply from Paula, RN - 8/21/2005
Reply from Eric, Nursing Review of Silicon Valley - 5/28/2005

From Linda / CMAS, BS, RN, Entrepreneur - 3/6/2005  Click here to reply
I've owned a medical cost containment corporation since 1991 and even tho the field is pretty much dead now due to Managed Care, every now and then we need a Nurse to do a review or audit. If that interests you, let me know... I'd also like to network with other Nurse Entrepreneurs! Linda CMAS, BS, RN BizNurse@satx.rr.com AOL - NetEmpowered Yahoo - BizNurse2001 1-800-256-0004 Toll Free Home Office
Reply from Melanie, independent consultant - 07/06/06 
Reply from Kim, Nursing - 01/15/06 
Reply from Lisa, RN, BSN - 10/20/05 
Reply from Taresa Nantt, Nursing Assessments - 06/03/05 

From Pat, Specialty Care Nurse Network LLC - 03/05/05 Click here to reply  
Am seeking tips on setting up staffing agency to place RN's to free standing surgical centers, pain clinics and GI labs only. Have most of the information, but am having difficulty finding info on pricing, billing, contracts. Any information is appreciated.

From Dawn, RN - 02/27/05 Click here to reply  
I am interested in finding out about telephonic home based positions for nurses. Where and how do I start??? Hopefully someone will be able to help me. Any information will be greatly appreciated. Thank you
Reply from Trisha, Nurse Case Manager - 03/03/05 

From kerubo, nyansiongo - 02/26/05 Click here to reply  
I am A kenya Enrolled community nurse. With @0 years working Expeience specialised in Midwifery,public health nursing General Nursing/AIDS/HIV counselling course. i would like to be assisted inorder to attend serminars or conferences in either Canada, U.k Newzealand. I am requesting for anyone tosponsor me attend the serminars. Please anyone out there help me. am a kenyan e-mail address jakwama@yahoo.com Iwould like to work as a care taker in the a bove countries. please assist me

From Randy, RN seeking at home jobs - 02/21/05 Click here to reply  
I am located in Texas and I am looking for a work at home program. I am RN, BSN, and also resp. therapist. Main interest is disease management. Would appreciate any help with finding a work at home program. Thanks
Reply from Margie, HealthChoice - 07/20/05 

From Kellee, R.N. - seeking at-home employment - 02/18/05 Click here to reply  
I am new at this work-at-home stuff, so I would like to know how it all works. What types of work is out there? Is certification needed? Who do I contact? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Reply from Margie, Healthchoice - 07/20/05 

From Maggie, Children's Healthcare of Atlanta - 02/15/05 Click here to reply  
Our call center is in the process of looking into programs and certifications for pediatric call center triage nurses. If you have any info on programs, please let me know. E-mail Mary.cato@choa.org

From Stephanie, Texas Children's Hospital - 02/02/05 Click here to reply  
I am an RN at a large, hospital-based telephone triage call center providing telephone triage for pediatric patients only. I am currently in the process of developing a customer-satisfaction survey for our callers. If anyone has done a similar survey and would be willing to share any information I would be most appreciative.

From Debbie, Pediatric Practice - 01/27/05 Click here to reply  
I am looking to do pediatric triage from home. Any info, links, advice would be appreciated. Nurse for 35 yrs, mostly Pediatrics, NICU, Newborn nursery, currently working in office based pediatric telephone triage. dwalshmail@aol.com
Reply from Christie, www.pedicall.com - 07/05/05 

From Christine, Southwest Medical Associates - 01/25/05 Click here to reply  
We are a large multi-specialty medical practice looking to implement a nurse triage postion and I am looking for some type of Job Description for the position...any feedback would be appreciated. Please email to Christinemandilakis@southwestmedicalassociates.com Yes, I know I have the largest email address in the WORLD :)
Reply from Kellee, R.N. - looking for fulltime at-home position - 02/18/05 

From Lisa, RN, lamalt@msn.com - 01/10/05 Click here to reply  
I am looking for a home-based telephonic nursing job.I have certificates in case management and quality management. My experience includes home health care, urology, research, and outpatient surgery services.

From Julie, RN - 12/28/04 Click here to reply  
Hi! My name is Julie, RN. I currently live in AZ. I am currently a Homecare Case Mgr. I am looking to relo. back to MI in early Feb. I have experience in every field. I would like to have a salaried, homecare position. I am open to the area at this point. Please respond. Thank you! Julie B., RN
Reply from Karan, The Beal Company - 05/28/05 

From Debra, Health Contact Partners, Inc. - 12/19/04 Click here to reply  
We are a mid-size company in the Chicago suburban area looking for telephone triage Nurses. We only have two positions available right now, but would love to hear from you if you would like to work with a growing company! If you are looking for a company that will ask for your input when creating policy or planning company initiatives, this is the one!If you would like to know more, you can call us at; 847-465-5000 and ask for Sue Turchi, our HR Manager, or Susan Brown, RN, our Clinical Director.I am also available to answer any questions you might have. We look forward to hearing from you!Debra LeonPresidentHealth Contact Partners
Reply from Lori, informatics nurse - 12/02/06 
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Reply from Julie, RN - 12/28/04 

From sharon, kaiser - 11/21/04 Click here to reply  
I am an experienced telephone triage nurse looking for a home-based telephone triage nursing position. Since, I am unable to travel, I am looking for a telephone triage company where I can train from home, by modules or other resources. Thank you, Sharon RN, BSN P.S. Happy Holidays to everyone!
Reply from Debra, Health Contact Partners, Inc. - 12/19/04 

From Nancy, UCDAVIS - 11/14/04 Click here to reply  
I'm a telephone triage RN in the midst of updating our adult protocols. We use Julia Briggs protocols, but I would like to compare these protocols to others. Does anyone have any ideas? Websearching has not yielded many easily accessible results. Are there any online protocols that anyone would recommend? Thanks! Nancy
Reply from sharon, kaiser - 11/22/04