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From Betty, Riverside Hospital - 02/28/00 Click here to reply  
I just read the NCC telephone nursing certification bulletin. It doesn't make sense for nurses to be certified in a speciality area called "telephone nursing" when all nurses perform telephone nursing?
Reply from Geoff, ADN Instructor - 10/03/01 
Reply from Gayla, NorthEast Medical Center - 02/28/00 
Reply from Cindy, St Lukes - 02/28/00 

From Janet, McLeod Health - 02/14/00 Click here to reply  
Just read the agenda for the Medical Call Centers Baptist HealthSource Seminar in Pensacola Beach in April. This seems very timely given the fact that many call centers are going under. It will be great to attend a meeting focusing just on call center issues.
Reply from Sheri Watson, Baptist HealthSource - 02/14/00 

From Lanelle, CHRISTUS HealthPrompt - 01/17/00 Click here to reply  
Thanks, Carol, for starting this bulletin board. It is so helpful to have a place to bring concerns and share ideas. Kathy Webster's "Telezine" was a wonderful tool that our whole group used for discussion and we've really mssed it.
Reply from Sheri Watson, Baptist HealthSource - 01/17/00 

From Ruth, CyberHealth - 01/13/00 Click here to reply  
As a practicing E-Health Nurse, I am so happy Carol has made this board available for sharing information. I look forward to connecting with nurses around the world. Ruth Johnson E-mail ruth@cyberhealth.bc.ca Editor Busy Signals (a Telehealth Newletter)
Reply from Irene, Alpha Enterprise - 01/04/07 

From John, Two Shires Ambulance NHS Trust, UK - 01/13/00 Click here to reply  
I used to write updates on the NHS Direct system in the UK. I was responsible for setting up one of the first pilot sites for NHS Direct. That is now expanding to cover 2.8 million population and has its own management structure. This was in Milton Keynes just north of London. I am shortly to move to the Avon Ambulance Service to set up one of the last call centres covering Avon, Gloucester and Wiltshire. This is to be completed by the end of this year and then all of England and Wales will be covered by NHS Direct. If you would like further comment from the UK on NHS Direct, please let me know. John Dale
Reply from Lois, McKesson - 09/06/01 
Reply from Maria, Essex Ambulances services NHSD - 01/13/00 
Reply from John, Two Shires Ambulance - 01/13/00 

From Agnes, St. Luke's Hospital - 01/06/00 Click here to reply  
I think that eHealth Nursing is going to ramp up very fast, because patients like using the web. Patients like to get medical information on the web, and eHealth nurses can help them filter this and go to reliable web sites. Patients also want to interact with their medical professionals via the web and eHealth nurses can mediate this. Email is just the beginning!
Reply from Paula, University of Va. Medical Center - 01/06/00 

From Patty, University of Texas Medical Center - 01/04/00 Click here to reply  
It sure would be nice if there were a national nursing license.  How can we get our lawmakers to change this?
Reply from Marsha, McKessonHBOC - 01/04/00