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From Annette, Nurse Consulting - 06/30/09 Click here to reply  
I am a Registered Nurse with experiences in Med Surg, Home health, ER, Project Management, Administration, Case Management & now Legal Nurse Consulting for Medical Malpractice Defense in Arizona. I am looking for additional challenging part time position in research, chart review or telephonic consulting. Reading the posts, I see opportunities for many of you to consider doing expert work for attorneys. They are always looking for experienced nurses from various backgrounds to review cases for standard of care and testify in deposition or trial. You can contact me for positions I am seeking or if you want information about expert work at abtrn@msn.com

From Huey Gerald, HGA Resources, LLC - 06/30/09 Click here to reply  
We are currently looking for a Nurse Manager for a major hospital located 40 miles north of Atlanta, GA
Contact Huey Gerald 770 973-8944

From Ana - 06/29/09 Click here to reply  
supervisor in one of the GA office. I am currently seeking a telephonic work at home position. I have over 17 years of home care experience,and speak both spanish and English. I would like to work from home to experience a different challenge and experience. Please email me at carrots4vr@aim.com if you know of any positions. I thank you in advance for your attention in this matter and hope and pray to hear from someone.
Once again Thank you,

From Bill, Nursing - 06/23/09 Click here to reply  
Bill LPN 30 yrs experience .work from home billaw555@aol.com

From Leticia Ramirez RN BSN, Certified Emergency Nurse - 06/22/09 Click here to reply  
I am a dynamic Registered Nurse with excellent organizational skills. I really enjoy training, teaching others and leading by example. I have excellent computer skills and able to mange Power Point, Excel, Word very well. I teach and format my own presentations on a regular basis. They include Healthy Lifestyles, Health Issues, Borne pathogens, HIV, Infection Control and Medication Administration. In my role as an employee health nurse, I counsel employees regarding various medical issues on a regular basis. I am interested in a Telephone Triage position or web chat position. I reside in Florida.

From Mattie Lee Strange - 06/07/09 Click here to reply  
My name is Mattie Strange, I have been an RN-BSN for 29 years. I live in Fort Worth Texas. Am seeking a work from home job in telephone triage. My work history includes Med-Surg, Pediatriacs, Home Health. If there is something available, please contact me at mattiestrange@sbcglobal.net. Thank you.

From Angela, Looking for work from home nursing job in Chicago... - 06/05/09 Click here to reply  
I have more than 13 years of nursing experience, 11 of those as a registered nurse. I have worked in a variety of healthcare environments including a large multi-specialty clinic, adult & pediatric level II ER, as well as mother/baby/newborn nursery nurse. I have extensive triage experience and have worked with a multitude of patients with varying conditions. I am comfortable working in a high-volume environment and with a diverse patient population. My most recent work experience has been substituting as a school nurse for a private school of 500 children for grades K through 12. I am interested in securing part-time or full-time work in telemedicine as a triage or disease management nurse.

From Leah - 06/04/09 Click here to reply  
I am an RN with 10 years of nursing experience in Nebraska. Mainly Oncology/medsurg. Looking for a home based nursing job possible telephone triage or something similar. I have much experience in clinic telephone triage. Only looking for part time work. Please email trauschfarms@gtmc.net

From Stephanie - 05/30/09 Click here to reply  
Looking for a telephonic or work-from-home position. My background is in med/surg. I have to leave bedside care because of a non-healing broken foot. Please email me if something is available. I don't have many options. Thanks

From Ellen - 05/23/09 Click here to reply  
I am a RN, CCM in the Atlanta, GA area with in excess of 20 years in case management, primarily in work comp (with some LTD and STD included) telephonically but including about 5-6 total years in home health. I seek at home work, part time preferably - depending on commute length if work is in office - for triage, case management, UR etc.
Reply from Huey, HGA Resources, LLC - 08/25/09 

From Rusty, Veterans Adminstration - 05/22/09 Click here to reply  
Is there any nursing seminars on telephone triage?
Reply from Bob - 07/06/09 

From Sheila - 05/20/09 Click here to reply  
I am an RN with 27 yrs experience in a variety of nursing fields. The last 4 yrs have been doing telephonic case management for workers compensation. Looking to work in a local office or from home.
Reply from Huey, HGA Resources, LLC - 08/27/09 

From Nicki-Louisville, Ky - 05/20/09 Click here to reply  
Hello, I am an RN 20+ years experience in OR, in-patient and out patient services, also years working pain management.... looking for telephone triage position, willing to train, please help.sooooo tired of bedside nursing, comsidering ultimate change

From Metinee - 05/20/09 Click here to reply  
I am an RN with ER and hospice experience. I have +8 years of medical/surgical hospice triage/runner on-call experience. I am looking for a position in telephone triage working from home. I am willing to obtain licensure from other states but not willing to relocate. If anyone know of any opening please feel free to contact me at metineesum@yahoo.com Thank you!

From Elaina, In Home - 05/19/09 Click here to reply  
I am not a nurse but I am looking to provide computer administrative support to in home triage nurses in the Raleigh/ Durham, NC area. I have extensive background in Business Administration. Please contact me at butterfly9933@msn.com