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From Huey Gerald, HGA Resources, LLC - 06/30/09 Click here to reply  
We are currently looking for a Nurse Manager for a major hospital located 40 miles north of Atlanta, GA
Contact Huey Gerald 770 973-8944

From Ana - 06/29/09 Click here to reply  
supervisor in one of the GA office. I am currently seeking a telephonic work at home position. I have over 17 years of home care experience,and speak both spanish and English. I would like to work from home to experience a different challenge and experience. Please email me at carrots4vr@aim.com if you know of any positions. I thank you in advance for your attention in this matter and hope and pray to hear from someone.
Once again Thank you,

From Bill, Nursing - 06/23/09 Click here to reply  
Bill LPN 30 yrs experience .work from home billaw555@aol.com

From Leticia Ramirez RN BSN, Certified Emergency Nurse - 06/22/09 Click here to reply  
I am a dynamic Registered Nurse with excellent organizational skills. I really enjoy training, teaching others and leading by example. I have excellent computer skills and able to mange Power Point, Excel, Word very well. I teach and format my own presentations on a regular basis. They include Healthy Lifestyles, Health Issues, Borne pathogens, HIV, Infection Control and Medication Administration. In my role as an employee health nurse, I counsel employees regarding various medical issues on a regular basis. I am interested in a Telephone Triage position or web chat position. I reside in Florida.

From Mattie Lee Strange - 06/07/09 Click here to reply  
My name is Mattie Strange, I have been an RN-BSN for 29 years. I live in Fort Worth Texas. Am seeking a work from home job in telephone triage. My work history includes Med-Surg, Pediatriacs, Home Health. If there is something available, please contact me at mattiestrange@sbcglobal.net. Thank you.

From Angela, Looking for work from home nursing job in Chicago... - 06/05/09 Click here to reply  
I have more than 13 years of nursing experience, 11 of those as a registered nurse. I have worked in a variety of healthcare environments including a large multi-specialty clinic, adult & pediatric level II ER, as well as mother/baby/newborn nursery nurse. I have extensive triage experience and have worked with a multitude of patients with varying conditions. I am comfortable working in a high-volume environment and with a diverse patient population. My most recent work experience has been substituting as a school nurse for a private school of 500 children for grades K through 12. I am interested in securing part-time or full-time work in telemedicine as a triage or disease management nurse.

From Leah - 06/04/09 Click here to reply  
I am an RN with 10 years of nursing experience in Nebraska. Mainly Oncology/medsurg. Looking for a home based nursing job possible telephone triage or something similar. I have much experience in clinic telephone triage. Only looking for part time work. Please email trauschfarms@gtmc.net

From Stephanie - 05/30/09 Click here to reply  
Looking for a telephonic or work-from-home position. My background is in med/surg. I have to leave bedside care because of a non-healing broken foot. Please email me if something is available. I don't have many options. Thanks

From Ellen - 05/23/09 Click here to reply  
I am a RN, CCM in the Atlanta, GA area with in excess of 20 years in case management, primarily in work comp (with some LTD and STD included) telephonically but including about 5-6 total years in home health. I seek at home work, part time preferably - depending on commute length if work is in office - for triage, case management, UR etc.
Reply from Huey, HGA Resources, LLC - 08/25/09 

From Rusty, Veterans Adminstration - 05/22/09 Click here to reply  
Is there any nursing seminars on telephone triage?
Reply from Bob - 07/06/09 

From Sheila - 05/20/09 Click here to reply  
I am an RN with 27 yrs experience in a variety of nursing fields. The last 4 yrs have been doing telephonic case management for workers compensation. Looking to work in a local office or from home.
Reply from Huey, HGA Resources, LLC - 08/27/09 

From Nicki-Louisville, Ky - 05/20/09 Click here to reply  
Hello, I am an RN 20+ years experience in OR, in-patient and out patient services, also years working pain management.... looking for telephone triage position, willing to train, please help.sooooo tired of bedside nursing, comsidering ultimate change

From Metinee - 05/20/09 Click here to reply  
I am an RN with ER and hospice experience. I have +8 years of medical/surgical hospice triage/runner on-call experience. I am looking for a position in telephone triage working from home. I am willing to obtain licensure from other states but not willing to relocate. If anyone know of any opening please feel free to contact me at metineesum@yahoo.com Thank you!

From Elaina, In Home - 05/19/09 Click here to reply  
I am not a nurse but I am looking to provide computer administrative support to in home triage nurses in the Raleigh/ Durham, NC area. I have extensive background in Business Administration. Please contact me at butterfly9933@msn.com

From Jeanine - 05/11/09 Click here to reply  
I am an RN with 30 years experience, Inpatient Obstetric certified, experience in pediatrics, high-risk and low risk obstetrics, home health and med-surg.
I am looking for telehealth position, part-time or per diem from home, or in Central NJ.
Reply from Jeanine - 05/11/09