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From Carol - 05/10/09 Click here to reply  
I'm in a suburb of Atlanta. I am looking for a position from home. I have 30+ years in health care, 18 of them as an RN. I am certified in Inpatient Obstetrics. Contact me at arney121@aol.com. Thanks.

From Carri - 05/09/09 Click here to reply  
Pediatric RN looking for a home based telephonic triage position. I do have telephonic triage experience in pediatrics & adults. I have compact state licensure.
Reply from MARTINS OFOR, senior officer - 09/01/09 
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From Nikki - 04/30/09 Click here to reply  
I'm a registered nurse with a BSN degree, looking for an @ home phone triage RN position in the Houston/Galveston, Tx area. I have one year experience as a RN case manager in adult hospice. I am currently working in a hospital setting in Family Birthing. My email address is nikkicrouch@yahoo.com. Thanks
Reply from Melissa, a National Oncology Organization - 08/15/09 

From Dawn - 04/29/09 Click here to reply  
I am a Registered Nurse with a BSN. I have over 14 years experience as a staff nurse, nurse manager,OSHA Director, Nursing Educator, Office Lab Director, Nursing Administrator, etc. I have experience in Med/Surg, Pediatrics, Special Care Nursery, Women's Health, OB/GYN, etc. I revamped an office regarding telephone triage and I am now interested into at home telephone triage. Please email me at ghawkspeak@aol.com, if you need a qualified nurse with extensive experience and great work ethics. Can work nights.
Reply from Huey, HGA Resources - 09/17/09 
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From Bill, LPN - 04/27/09 Click here to reply  
work from home 30+ yrs experience billaw555@aol.com

From Judith, Retired - 04/22/09 Click here to reply  
Hi: I am a retired RN looking for part-time work from home (telephone triage, insurance reviews,Transcription, etc.)I have 30 years experience working in Med/Surg, ER, Psych/Clinic/Corrections. I live in the Oshkosh,Wisconsin area. I am dependable, honest, conscientious, with a good work ethic. I am not interested in making a lot of money, salary is secondary to job initiative/performance. I have a BSN degree and a minor in Psychology. You may contact me at choj@centurytel.net

From Kim - 04/10/09 Click here to reply  
Need telephonic nursing position from home. Have 3 years of telephonic nursing experience. Does anyone know where else I could get a job doing some kind of telephonic nursing from home. Not case management but more nursing advice or triage. Needs to be from home or in the greater cincinnati area. Thanks please contact kim at kimnurse49@aol.com.

From barbara - 03/31/09 Click here to reply  
telephonic LPN @ home position wanted in connecticut, LPN with Associates Degree, strong communication skills, have worked in acute care, Long term, insurance, corrections. bdarchambeault@yahoo.com

From Maria - 03/22/09 Click here to reply  
I have written the message below this. If you can help me out or point me in the right direction, please email me at the_coans@hotmail.com

From Maria, None - 03/22/09 Click here to reply  
Does anyone out there tutor nursing students? My son needs a nursing tutor for his pediatric nursing class. He does really well in his clinical settings, but the lecture class is stopping him from reaching his goal. He is a great kid and is working hard to succeed. He does have ADHD which is a major part of the problem. He takes meds, but we are in the process of looking into other options. He was only diagnosed 3 years ago and we are still finding our way through it with him being 4 1/2 hours away at school. If anyone can help with a direction, I would appreciate it. Thanks!

From Mayra - 03/16/09 Click here to reply  
I'm a BSN with 10 years of experience; 5 years in hospital settings, including med/surg, ob/gyn/, ped and er were I've working for the last 21/2 years. I also have 5 years experience teaching LPN courses. I live in Puerto Rico and I'm very interested in work at home in nursing. In PR we don't have private agencies that offer this opportunities. I would like to know if there is an agency that hires work from home nurses from Puerto Rico. I'm fully bilingual, and fast learner. Thank you.
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Reply from Sharon - 03/28/09 

From Rose Parise-Raintree, RN - 03/08/09 Click here to reply  
BSN RN, recently semi-retired, completing graduate studies will have MSN/MHA July 2010. Excellent leadership, computer,clinical skill in geratric settings, mental, health, and acute care. Will be working on the HEDIS this year and am looking for a position where my 29 years of nursing experience can be utilized in a tele-health environment

From Rebecca - 03/08/09 Click here to reply  
I am an RN with 36 years Pediatric experience. I have worked Pediatric hospice for the past 3 yrs. The last 9 mths have been in Telephone Triage for a hospice. I am looking for an at-home Telephone Triage position in the San Diego area. Any information would be appreciated. Thank you.
Reply from Sharon - 03/28/09 

From gail - 03/07/09 Click here to reply  
i am disabled cant walk far use a cane and walker.....
i have 26 active years in er and 5 years of that in ccu.
am looking for deak work or work at home or telphone triage chart reviews teacher....have associate degree and lots of expertise in nursing desperate for a job
full time or 4 days a week any shift please call or email raganfamily@comcast.net recently lost my husband so i need income 804-275-8740....thanks gail

From Sandra - 03/06/09 Click here to reply  
I am looking for part-time work at home nursing position. I have 27 yrs of various nursing experience and currently work in school health.
Reply from Sandra - 03/06/09