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From Barbara - 12/16/08 Click here to reply  
Would love to work as telphonic nurse from home. 15 years as RN in hospital and home health setting. Please send info to bbridley34@aol.com
Reply from SULAIMAN, STUDENT - 11/19/09 

From Cynthia - 12/15/08 Click here to reply  
In an effort to explore the opportunity to allow off site Telephone Nursing I am researching the following information: I would appreciate any information you would like to share. 1) I am mainly looking for a minimum number of calls/hr for staff who are completing calls for physician offices. 2)if you would share approximatly how many calls your center or office may take on a daily basis it would assist in my research.
3) how are you tracking to be sure the minimum number is reached and maintained?
Thanks in advance for your information

From Kelly - 12/14/08 Click here to reply  
I have been a nurse for 12 years and am interested in at-home nursing employment in Indiana. I have med/surg,surgery,oncology, and emergency room experience. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Please contact at thegilhams@hotmail.com

From Lynda, RN - 12/12/08 Click here to reply  
Hi, I have been a registerd nurse for 25 years, the last 20 specializing in pediatrics. I have extensive experience in phone triaging, averaging 75-100 calls per day. I am seeking part time work to supplement my income. My email address is lmbpeds@yahoo.com

From Lynda, Registered Nurse in Los Angeles area - 12/12/08 Click here to reply  
I have been a RN for 25 yrs, the last 20 years in Pediatrics. I have extensive experience in triage phone work, averaging 75-100 calls per day. I am looking for part time work to supplement my income.

From Joann, Roswell,GA - 12/11/08 Click here to reply  
I just recently graduated from CNA school and i am certified. I don't have experience as a CNA, however i do have over 3 years experience in Military REHAB SERVICES assisting WT's. Call me at 404-454-8241 with any employment needs

From Carol - 12/05/08 Click here to reply  
I am an RN seeking weekend work in telephone triage in the Chicagoland area. I have ER experience as well as telephonic triage and case management and professional liability. Please email cmatt1954@yahoo.com.

From Leola Adams - 11/30/08 Click here to reply  
Hi. I am a RN looking to phone based/work from home nursing in Mississippi. I have been a RN for 3yrs. I was a LPN for 12 years. I am currently working in home health. I have worked geriatric, med-surg, peds, and some postpartum. Can anyone help me? Your help will be greatly appreciated. Please email me @ leolas2@aol.

From from Lorine - 11/29/08 Click here to reply  
74 yo retired RN who would like to use my 26 years of nursing experience, 11 years in telephone triage, 4 years of this at home, plus 11 years critical care and 5 years med surg and my MSN to work from home as a telpehone triage/advice nurse or use this experience/education for home-based nursing work. I would also work part-time in other areas except for hospital setting. Please reply to jacoblorine@comcast.net or to bulletin board.
Reply from Kim, none - 04/10/09 

From From Lorine - 11/29/08 Click here to reply  
I am a 74 yo retired RN w/26 years experience. Last job was telephone triage for 11 years w/calls ranging from prenatal through terminally ill. Eleven years as critical care RN and 5 years of med-surg. I worked from home as telephone triage nurse for 4 years. I would like to either work from home as telephone triage/advice nurse, or work part-time in the Northern Virginia area in any area except hospital setting. Please reply to jacoblorine@comcast.net.

From Kris - 11/25/08 Click here to reply  
I live in Indiana, I have been a Rn for 3years. I have worked the entire 3 years on a Telemetry Unit... I would like to have a Job that I can do from home(part time) Anyone out there that could help me out e-mail me at skp84@yahoo.com or reply on this board. Thank you...

From Becky, The Right Thing,inc - 11/19/08 Click here to reply  
It is not my intention to break any protocols. I am a Senior Recruiter and have been looking for viable professional "Telephonic Nurse Case Managers" for Los Angeles. I found this forum in the hopes that it might be an avenue to disseminate my company's needs and a method to convey those needs. We recruit for Chubb Group Of Insurance Companies nationally. I can be reached at becky.johns@rightthinginc.com
Thank you for your patience.
Reply from Linda - 12/14/08 
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From E.G. - 11/16/08 Click here to reply  
Bilinqual Registered Nurse looking for telephonic /remote nurse position to do from my home in Oklahoma City. Interested in Russian Speaking Health Nurse Educator /Triage position with any company.I am a Russian native speaker and perfect communicator over the phone. RN with 13 year experience in Med/Surg, Home Health Care and Long Term Care. BLS certified.Experienced working with Geriatric population.Licensure in Oklahoma, Maryland and New Jersey. I am flexible. I am able to work day/evening shift ,and/or weekends, full-time or part time,utilizing my nursing skills. Also interested in Research /Virtual Nurse assignments.Please, e-mail me inga2041@yahoo.com

From Lorraine, Phone Triage Nurse - 11/07/08 Click here to reply  
I am a Phone Triage Nurse/R.N. looking for work from home position. I have 35+ years of experience in I.C.U,Post Anesthesia Care Nursing,Pediatrics,
Geriatrics,Psych,Home Care, and Phone Triage Nursing which I am currently in now since 2000 working part-time for a local HealthCare Management Coop. I recently got dropped from SSI without warning, and desperately need more work preferrably from home!!
Children are grown and gone so working environment excellent for desired position.
Reply from Lorraine,R.N., PS..... - 11/07/08 

From Hope - 10/28/08 Click here to reply  
I am a License Practical nurse in the chicago area. I am currently enrolled in college for business accountant. I am looking for employment in a private duty case or at home telephonic nursing so that I can spend more time with my children. Experienced in Hospice, g-tubes, trachs, charting, typing, and very good phone skills