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Telehealth, telephone triage continuing education training
Telephone Triage DVD's
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  Telephone Triage & Telehealth DVD's
Presented by Carol M. Stock JD, MN, RN

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Telephone Triage TriviaTM

Telephone triage trivia, the game show for triage nurses in the know, tests your knowledge, skill and ability in a competitive "Jeopardy" program format regarding the latest legal trends, emerging risks and practice situations encountered in telephone triage.

In this fun filled game show, three call center triage nurses compete against each other. Everyday issues such as handling difficult callers, communication, practice across state lines, third party callers, documentation, and utilization of new technology are examined. Come test your knowledge.  Click here for more info.

Legal Issues & Trends In Telephone Triage

Explore emerging legal risks in telephone triage, identify telehealth malpractice trends and learn practical tips to reduce legal risks in your practice thorough this entertaining and interactive presentation.

View parts of a mock legal deposition of a triage nurse, review and analyze actual triage cases, develop a triage documentation checklist, and discover new ways to implement the latest risk reduction techniques into your telehealth practice. This is a great training tool for all triage settings!  Click here for more info.

Legal Risks of Remote Triage

Thinking of providing remote or home based triage services? "Legal Risks of Remote Triage," assesses the risks, pitfalls and realities of remote triage and reviews key factors as well as identifies legal issues you need to consider.

Pros and cons from the employer and employee perspective are examined as well as technology, compliance, workflow, contract and other issues. Utilize this presentation as a checklist of factors to consider before implementing remote triage into your practice.  Click here for more info.

Everyday Encounters: Communication Skills for Successful Triage

Effective communication skills: the number one skill needed by the telehealth nurse to successfully succeed in telehealth.

"Everyday Encounters: Communication Skills for Successful Triage" identifies communication skills necessary for more effective triage utilizing actual triage calls, walks the viewer through the process of communication, reviews barriers to great communication, and discusses attributes of critical thinkers and active listeners. Practical instructions and new techniques are offered for staff and managers alike in this interactive presentation. Implement tips immediately and improve your telehealth practice.  Click here for more info.

Telehealth Technology: Legal Risks & Call Center Benefits

Is your facility ready for the evolving telehealth market? Do you and your staff have the necessary skills to compete successfully? If VPN & VOIP networks, live nurse chats, remote monitoring and telemedicine are new to you, this presentation will get you on track.

Learn the necessary staff training, skills and technical support needed in the emerging telehealth field. This presentation reviews various current and pending legislation, discusses legal issues, demonstrates a variety of telehealth technologies, and discusses the future of technology in healthcare.  Click here for more info.

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